Orlando Bass Fishing Trip Information


Here are some suggestions to better prepare you for your trip and make it much more enjoyable. First, get to know your guide (me) by browsing through the site and taking advantage of the information provided. It's always much easier to get in the boat with someone you know something about rather than meeting a total stranger. It's why I have put so many pages on this site.

Also, for those coming with you send them a link to the site and let them get to know me a little bit. Lastly, read up on the lakes provided on the site. There is great information there to give clients a great idea of what they can expect to be fishing while out with me.  

It's greatly appreciated when clients get in my boat and tell me how much they enjoyed my site. It's built for you and for you to enjoy. Thanks 

What To Bring

A Guide trip is designed for you to be able to just show up and go fishing without needing any tackle. Here is a list of what is not provided that you may want to bring

- If meeting at Lake Toho, directions.
- Florida fishing license.
- A hat and polarized sunglasses.
- A sunscreen with an SPF of 30. (Best put on prior to arriving at lake)
- A camera or phone. - Rain gear. (ponchos suck!)
- Snacks that are easy to carry and easy to consume.
- Sandwiches on 8 hour trips that are already prepared and ready to eat.
- SORRY, NO BEER PLEASE. Charter Captains Insurance does not allow Alcohol during the trip.

What's Provided

Ice, water and Gatorade (in Summer) are provided but if you would like to bring something else there is plenty of room in the cooler. If you bring soda please bring 20 oz bottles not cans. * If you bring a cooler please only bring a soft sided type.
- Rods and Reels.
- All lures and Terminal Tackle
- Captains license & Guide insurance.
- Late Model Tournament Bass Boat. (Boat is pictured below)

Launch Times

There aren't specific launch times like with tour boat operations. Morning launches are based on sunrise those will vary throughout the year. Day and afternoon launches are based on best fishing activity and whether or not I have a morning trip. For all trips, detailed launch time is given the evening before your trip.

Live Bait

The live bait we use are called shiners which are native to all Florida lakes. Shiners work best as live bait due to fish eating them year round and availability. Size of the bait is also something that is unique to Florida with sizes ranging from 4-12 inches.

What's best, live bait or lures?

Live bait will always be best but for each client, skill sets and experience will always determine if lures will help achieve your desired goals. Bank fisherman, kayak anglers or those that only fish smaller bodies of water may have trouble adapting to heavy cover shallow water fishing. To accommodate as much as possible a clients desire to use lures I offer combo trips using live bait first and then lures afterwards.