Florida Non Resident Fishing License

Anyone fishing in the State of Florida is required to carry a valid Florida fishing license. The process to purchase a license in Florida is very convenient and can be done online or by phone. Unfortunately, bait and tackle shops no longer sell fishing licenses so once you arrive in Florida your only two options to purchase a license would be Wal Mart or Bass Pro shops. 

You can use the links to the right to purchase your license prior to your fishing trip and this is the recommended way to conveniently purchase your license.

Cost for a 3 day non-resident bass fishing license is $18.50. A $2.25 surcharge is added for purchases online. For phone purchases the cost goes up to $3.25. Overall, purchasing your fishing license online is the most convenient as tax, time and gas will be more than the $2.25 surcharge.

Bass Pro Shops also sells fishing licenses online and locally. Whichever you choose the cost is the same and delivery time to your house is the same. 

Click the link below to purchase your fishing license online.

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