Florida Bass Adventures Trip Policies

No Fish No Pay Policy

All live bait fishing trips are guaranteed that you will catch a fish or you don't pay for anything.

My success as a tournament angler allows me to specialize in trophy bass fishing using artificial lures and my experience as a full time trophy bass fishing guide makes me a complete guide able to offer the use of live bait in pursuit of trophy bass. Unfortunately, being a proficient tournament angler or guiding on a trophy bass lake does not mean I can help a client catch a trophy bass using lures if they are relatively inexperienced anglers. In this situation I recommend combination trips using live bait and lures during the trip.

Live bait works year round and always out fishes artificial lures but if you prefer to only use lures please be sure to let us know what your experience level is. The goal is not to "yes" you to death and then make excuses at the end of the day because we failed to communicate what would be best for you. My expectation is for you to go home with a fish of a lifetime and it all starts with being honest in what will be best to help make that happen.

The only exception to this guarantee would be a fishing trip that happens during or after a severe cold front or high winds that adversely affects the fishing trip.

Reserving A Trip

A deposit is not required to make a reservation but is available via Paypal on the Reservations page if you would like to make one. In all other cases a clients credit card information will be used to hold the day but will not be charged. There is a convenience fee of $5.00 per $100 charged if paying by credit card. 

What To Do After Reserving Your Trip

Print the directions provided on the reservations page, purchase your fishing license, call me the night before your trip. It's that easy.  

Do I Need To Follow Up And Call To See If My Trip Is Confirmed?

No, this is a one person operation so there are no hands for your reservation to fall through. The booking process over the phone is very detailed and everything needed to confirm your trip will happen at that time. 

Is Transportation Available?

At this time pick up is only available to clients staying on International Drive or Universal Blvd. Pick up is not part of guide services offered. If clients have use of a vehicle this is the preferred method to arrive to your destination. Currently, Uber and Lyft offer great transportation rates and provide insurance in the event of an accident which no guide can as our vehicles are not commercial vehicles. 


Children will always be welcome on my boat. Children are the future of the sport and the goal is for them to leave with a desire to continue fishing at home. If you bring your child expect them to have a great time and catch all the fish! 

Surprise Fees

There will never be any surprise fees on the day of your trip. All costs are listed on the guide rates page. It is preferred that payments on the day of your trip be made in cash. It is the responsibility of the client have the correct amount as I do not carry cash. Personal checks and company checks are not accepted. 

Cancellation Policy

In the event you cannot make your scheduled day a notice of at least 2 weeks must be given prior to your trip. *Any cancellation less than 2 weeks will incur a charge to the credit card provided for the length of trip reserved. A client may reschedule for a later date and those fees can be applied to that trip so long as availability allows. 

*Charging a client for failure to make their appointment is not a situation I ever would want. But if a client fails to give proper notice or make their scheduled reservation a charge will be applied to the card provided to cover loss of wages incurred.

Final Payment

The balance for your trip can be paid in cash or credit card. Cash is always preferred and much easier for guide and client. but credit cards cannot always be processed on site and may require payment in full the night before your trip.

Trip rates are based on cash payment and do not include credit card fees if paying by card. There is a convenience fee of $5.00 per $100 charged if paying by credit card. NO CHECKS! 

Catch And Release

To do our part, Florida Bass Adventures practices Catch and Release on all guide trips. We do trophy bass fishing trips only and follow B.A.S.S. Founder Ray Scotts philosophy on harvesting bass so that our trophy bass fishery can continue to offer great fishing experiences for generations to come! 

The bass we catch are not harvesting bass and therefore are released to maintain the trophy resources we have in Central Florida. If you are interested in catching bass to eat there are many lakes in the Orlando area that you can fish without the need of a guide and can easily catch bass that you can keep.