Butler Chain Trophy Bass Fishing Guide

butler chain Located just 10 minutes North of Disney World and West of Universal Studios is the Butler Chain which are made up of 11 interconnected lakes. This chain of lakes are unique to the Orlando area in that they consist of deeper, clear water lakes. These deep lakes have been created by Karst Topography which is a process where limestone is washed away by the aquifer that flows under portions of Florida. As the limestone washes away a sinkhole forms creating a lake. These types of lakes are perfect for bass because of their crystal clear water, submergent vegetation and year round growing season. The chain is primarily known for its largemouth bass fishing and is frequented by guides and out of state visitors.

Schooling fish can be found 12 months out of the year making this chain excellent for topwater fishing. Due to the clear water nature of this chain light tackle with light line are best for catching Butler chain bass. Finesse fishing works extremely well on this chain but anglers are not fishing for small bass as many clients catch bass in the 8 to 9 lb range. Live bait is also excellent on this chain catching bass from depths ranging anywhere from 3 feet to 40 feet.

Bass Fishing On The Butler Chain of Lakes

Fish The Butler Chain of Lakes for trophy bass with Professional Guide and Former Marine Steve Boyd just minutes from the theme parks in Kissimmee, Florida.



butler chain guideLive shiners are another method used to target trophy bass on the Butler Chain for clients wanting to catch fish greater than 5 lbs. A trip to the Butler chain can be a great experience especially for anglers wanting to use light line spinning gear or even fly fishing. Fishing pressure on the Butler Chain is minimal Monday-Friday with occasional tournaments held on the weekends. Recreational traffic is also reasonable during the week. Weekend traffic does pick up but generally not before 11:00 a.m.

A side benefit to fishing on the Butler Chain are the magnificent homes that can be seen from the lake. Celebrities such as Tiger Woods, Shaquille O'Neal and Ken Griffey Jr. own homes on this chain.